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Flir Saros multisensor



FLIR Saros is an advanced, all-in-one security solution designed to enhance perimeter and wide area protection. Saros features dual FLIR thermal sensors, a 1080p or 4K image sensor, IR and visible LED illuminators, and video analytics, all under one housing unit. Attractively priced, Saros enables commercial businesses to implement state-of-the-art, reliable outdoor intrusion detection for the first time.

Because of its affordability and its high-performing detection technologies, Saros opens the door to new business opportunities, revenue sources, and customer base expansion for security professionals in the alarm monitoring vertical.



Commercial customers have few outdoor security options. Traditional perimeter security systems can require substantial investment, both in initial
deployment and ongoing costs from false alarms. Saros addresses these issues by reducing the amount of equipment required and using advanced analytics to reduce false alarms.

Saros utilizes four technologies to deliver accurate, actionable alerts – regardless of unfavorable lighting or weather conditions – and provides verified alarm data for police and first responders. The result is a shortened response time, saving companies from loss of equipment, merchandise, or interruptions in business.

By implementing Saros, security professionals gain a solution that:

saros 1

Delivers 24-hour monitoring

saros 2

Reduces false alarms with accurate target detection and classification

saros 3

Provides visual identification of intruders

saros 4

Produces verified alarm clips for police dispatch

saros 5

Enables real-time audio response

saros 6

Deters intruders with white light illumination

saros 7

Integrates with leading central monitoring platforms and video management systems

saros 8

Delivers a return on investment in just a few months for high risk areas


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